After moving to Kanazawa from Seattle, Sol & Yuko opened Curio Espresso in April of 2014, and have endeavored to bring to their lovely guests the finest food and coffee experience possible.

All of their food offerings are lovingly crafted in house and locally sourced from nearby farms and markets. Breads are procured from a local artisan bakery, and all dairy products are delivered from a small local farmer just outside of Kanazawa.

People have often asked, “What is Seattle Style Coffee?” 

Simply put, Seattle loves it’s coffee. The city consistently rates at the top for coffee consumption, top notch coffee roasters, and a dizzying selection of independent coffeehouses to choose from

According to Wikipedia, “People in Seattle consume more coffee than those in any other American city; one study stated that there are 350 coffee shops per 10,000 residents and it is nearly impossible to walk past a single block in a commercial area in Seattle without encountering at least one coffee shop.”

So, if that much coffee is consumed, it had better be good. There is a certain flavor profile to most Seattle roasts, A big, round flavor, smooth finish, slightly sweet, and never bitter.

Curio partnered with an amazing artisan coffee roaster in Kanazawa that was able to create their exclusive Curio Blend and roast the beans to their specifications perfectly!

It is curio’s privilege to have the opportunity to pass on the Seattle tradition of providing  exceptional coffee to both the local population and visitors from all over the world.

Thank you for visiting Kanazawa and Curio Espresso!!!